Frequently Asked Questions

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Why The Jar?

Other food delivery services may be convenient, but the amount of trash that is created as a result of consuming these products only add to our landfills and continue to pollute the environment. We decided to use the jar which can be repurposed in your home, recycled or returned to us.

We would love to see photos of our customers eating and enjoying their jars! Let us know @simplygoodjars

Ohh, and by the way, for every jar returned to us we will donate one-fresh meal to help combat local hunger.

What farms do you work with?

  • Radicle Farms - Utica, NY
  • Eagle road Farms - Quarryville, PA
  • Frecon Fruit Farms - Boyertown, PA
  • Dustry Lane Farms - Elmer, NJ
  • Kern Farm - Monroeville, NJ
  • Fresh Tofu Inc - Allentown, PA
  • Mother Earth Mushrooms - Avondale, PA
  • Butter Valley Harvest - Bally, PA
  • Sugartown Smoked Specialties - West Chester, PA

How do I heat my food?

DON’T! All the meals are designed to be delicious cold and do not need to be heated. The jars are NOT safe for your microwave or oven.

How do I clean my jar?

Jars can be hand-washed to be repurposed in your home, as they are NOT dishwasher safe. If you are returning the jars back to us you can rinse them out but we will heavy duty clean them at our facility.

How do I eat your jars?

All of our meals are ready to eat straight from the jar.

Our salads just need to be shaken up (pretend you are a fancy bartender) and all the product inside will mix together with the dressing and you can eat directly out of the jar. All others don’t need any shaking – just grab your utensil of choice, twist off the lid, and enjoy!

How are meals chosen every week?

Once your dietary settings are saved after you checkout with one of our meal plans. Then our chefs curate meals for you based on your dietary needs using the finest in-season produce we source locally. Every week we create new meals or rotate some of our favorites. You can relax while we do all the work based on your needs and bring you tasty meals every week. 

Who do you donate meals to?

Philadelphia – we have partnered with Philabundance and the Salvation Army to provide them with freshly prepared, healthy meals at multiple locations.

Every jar that you return to us equals a meal that we donate to someone in need. We believe in our mission to expand healthy food to as many people as possible and better the communities we serve. While subscriptions help us plan the amount of produce to source, we still end up with extra that is unused for our customers. In order to eradicate food waste, unused produce is created into healthy meals that we deliver to non-profit partners focused on ending hunger.

With your help, we are on track to donate over 20,000 meals by the end of 2018!

What materials are the jars made out of?

Our jars are composed of what is commonly referred to as PET Plastic. As a raw material, PET is globally recognized as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. In fact, it’s THE most widely recycled plastic in the world! Virtually all municipal recycling programs in the US accept PET packaging, with recycling of thermoformed PET containers on the rise (let’s keep that trend going!). PET can be identified by looking at the bottom or backs of containers for the #1 resin identification code – a symbol recognized by the number “1” in the middle surrounded by “chasing arrows”.


HELP! I need to speak to someone about my order

Please do not panic, we are here for you and will get through this together. You can talk to someone on our team by either calling us at (267) 714-4382 or emailing us at to get your problem quickly resolved.

How are meals chosen every week?

Once your dietary settings are saved after you checkout with one of our meal plans. Then our chefs curate meals for you based on your dietary needs using the finest in-season produce we source locally. Every week we create new meals or rotate some of our favorites. You can relax while we do all the work based on your needs and bring you tasty meals every week. 

Why subscription?

With zero waste in mind, subscriptions allow us to plan better and minimize sourcing produce to be wasted. This also allows our chefs to curate the most deliciously fresh meals for you while we pass down the savings. Think of us as the modern day Milkman … but with tasty food.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is completely free... you read that right! There is no cost for curbside pick-up. However, if you would like us to come up and meet you at your office there is a $3 charge that can be chosen at the time of checkout.

Can you meet my nutritional needs?

We have many items that are vegetarian, vegan, and/or dairy free. However, because our chefs curate meal plans and we produce in such large quantities we are unable to address all special requests on our website. If you have extra needs, please email us at


For each jar you return, we’ll donate a nutritious, fresh meal. We partner with local nonprofits to make sure all food donations are directed where they’re needed most. Just send your empty jars back with your next delivery. It’s that easy.


Yup. You can cancel any time. We will always try to make our service so simple and so delicious that you may not want to.


By committing upfront to 3-4 jars per week and letting our professional chefs curate your meals based on the best, locally- and seasonally- available ingredients, we can reduce waste and therefore cost. Those savings are passed on to you. Costs are further reduced when you return your empty jars, and we pay those savings forward by providing nutritious meals to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.


Please visit our subscription page to check if we deliver to your zip code here.

If we do not deliver there yet, you can rest assured that we are expanding quickly and will be there soon. We have a waitlist to join to be notified when we are in your area.

Simply Smart Fridge

Why a Simply Smart Fridge™?

We are using the most advanced technology to propel our mission in expanding healthy food options lightyears ahead. The Simply Smart Fridge makes eating healthy and incredibly delicious food faster and more convenient than ever before. One subscription allows us to reach an individual, while the fridge allows us to reach an entire community.

What is a Simply Smart Fridge™?

Simply Smart Fridges are a new kind of convenience with no checkout required. We use the world’s most advanced convenience technology so anything you want is within reach. Our chef-crafted, hand-prepared meals and snacks are always fresh and always available. The fridge includes the latest in artificial intelligence, recognizes you when you approach, can answer any questions or guide you to find what you want faster, and loves to reward healthy habits.

How does the Simply Smart Fridge™ work?

Our checkout-free experience is made possible by the latest technology supplied by our manufacturing partners. You just walk up and treat our Simply Smart Fridge like a typical fridge and it will automatically detect who you are and what products are taken from or returned to the shelves while keeping track of them in a virtual cart. When you grab the meals you want, just close the door and walk away. The more you keep up with healthy eating habits throughout the week, the lower your price gets that week for each meal! After setting up a quick profile in our app you’re ready to grab the meals you want, and go!


After you finish your meals, you can return the empty jars right back at the fridge and for each jar returned you will eliminate waste and donate a fresh meal to end local hunger.

Why Would You Want A Simply Smart Fridge™?

Our Simply Smart Fridges foster a thriving community by providing easy healthy food options that people love. The community saves time and hassle which allows it to be more productive and happier. The food is guaranteed to always be fresh and to always be available as the fridge is accessible 24/7. Beyond building healthy habits the community is supporting the reduction of waste and the fight against local hunger through meal donation.


We operate in a stand-alone model so there is absolutely no cost associated with the installation of our Simply Smart Fridge as we also take care of all the inventory management and maintenance.

  • Easy Access to Healthy Tasty Meals
  • Always Fresh
  • Always Accessible
  • Instant Checkout Process
  • Zero-Waste
  • Help End Local Hunger
  • Did we mention there’s no cost to you?!