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Environmentally & Socially Responsible To Better The Communities We Serve.


The core of our company’s mission is social and environmental responsibility. Over 90% of plastic is not being recycled and 40% all food is wasted in the US. We refuse to sit back and do nothing as these are problems we cannot ignore. We are driven by purpose and are building a company which provides a real solution instead of adding to the problem. Our products and services have a goal of zero packaging waste and zero food waste.

We are mindful of how much produce we source and use what we order. Our Simply Smart Fridges™ have live inventory management which allows us to optimize offerings at each location to minimize or eliminate spoilage.

Zero waste is a wonderful goal but how much more wonderful would it be if we could go beyond zero? The idea came from our founder wanting a real solution that extends beyond our organization. We are committed to going beyond zero waste with the help of our amazing customers. We encourage you to return empty jars back to us to be cleaned and reused. For every single jar that you return to us, we will prepare one fresh meal and deliver them to those in need. This allows you to take a step beyond reducing waste by making more impact in your community.

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Our Roots

We began in the great city of Philadelphia with the desire to make healthier food not only easily accessible but also really really really tasty (we take tastiness seriously), nutritionally balanced, and completely satisfying. We believe that everyone deserves better meal options, and with professional chefs with years in the industry, we bring a unique approach to the new world of healthy eating. Our meals are made from the best locally grown ingredients and we are quickly expanding our recipes and company every day.


Chef / Founder / CEO

In 2004, Jared attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. Upon graduation, Jared transitioned to Florida International University in Miami to continue his journey in hospitality management, and finished his education at Temple University’s top-rated Fox School of Business with a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Notably, Jared has led kitchens and teams with companies such as Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, the Ritz Carlton Hotels, FS Food Group, Honeygrow, and Philadelphia’s famed Tria. In forming Simply Good Jars, Jared took a risk leaving the traditional culinary world; however, his confidence continues in our mission to deliver healthy meals in an environmentally-friendly manner. He knows by staying true to the company mission we will lead in ending food waste and making a meaningful impact in our communities!


– Founder, Jared Cannon



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We are revolutionizing a movement and disrupting an industry! The only way we can accomplish our mission of increasing access to healthy food is with great people. If you are ready to make a difference, have meaningful impact, and join our team then please do not hesitate … make it known!

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