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Jared Cannon

CEO + Founder
Hometown: Newark, DE
Favorite Jar: Chicken Pesto
Fun fact: The first (3) letters of my name spell JAR

Carrie Krantz

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Hometown: Margate City, NJ
Favorite Jar: Spicy Vegan
Fun fact: Graduated top of my class in Law School
Angela Stassi-1

Angela Stassi

VP of Marketing
Hometown: New York, NY
Favorite Jar: Turkey Tabbouleh
Fun fact: I have a visual memory.... I never forget a face!

Christina Maruzza

Director of Foodservice Operations
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Favorite Jar: Chicken Quinoa
Fun Fact: nothing fun here, all biz 😉

Jamie Meller

Brand + Content Management
Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
Favorite Jar: All of the yogurts
Fun fact: I've never used a microwave in my life.

JP Mulcahy

Logistics + Distribution Manager
Hometown: Northville, MI
Favorite Jar: Truffle Mushroom
Fun fact: Can't solve a Rubik's cube

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