Our Roots - Simply Good Jars
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Our Mission

Expand Access To Healthy Food Options

While Being Unique, Environmentally & Socially Responsible

To Better The Communities We Serve.

Zero Waste Philosophy

The core of our company’s mission is social and environmental responsibility. We are aware that a third of all food is wasted and want to build a company that is providing a solution and not adding to the problem. What makes us different from other food delivery services is our products yield zero waste of packaging or food.

Our food is sourced and prepared to the exact orders we have. Subscriptions help drive our mission by allowing us to plan how much produce is required and our chefs to curate fresh seasonal meals. Our jars give you the option of recycling (PET #1 Plastic), repurposing in your home or work, or returning to us to be cleaned and reused. For every single jar that you return to us, we will donate one-fresh meal to help combat local hunger.

Our Story

We began in the great city of Philadelphia with the desire to make healthier food not only easily accessible but also really really really tasty (we take tastiness seriously), nutritionally balanced, and completely satisfying. We believe that everyone deserves better meal options, and with professional chefs with years in the industry we bring a unique approach to the new world of healthy eating. Our meals are made from the best locally grown ingredients and we are quickly expanding our recipes and company every day.





About Our Founder

In 2004, Jared attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. Upon graduation, Jared transitioned to Florida International University in Miami to continue his journey in hospitality management, and finished his education at Temple University’s top-rated Fox School of Business with a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Notably, Jared has led kitchens and teams with companies such as Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, the Ritz Carlton Hotels, FS Food Group, Honeygrow, and Philadelphia’s famed Tria. In forming Simply Good Jars, Jared took a risk leaving the traditional culinary world; however, his confidence continues in our mission to deliver healthy meals in an environmentally-friendly manner. He knows by staying true to the company mission we will lead in changing how food is wasted and making a meaningful difference in our communities!

“Join us as we strive to eat well, feel great and waste less”

– Founder, Jared Cannon