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What is a Simply Smart Fridge™?

Simply Smart Fridges are a new kind of convenience with no checkout required. We use the world’s most advanced convenience technology so anything you want is within reach. Our chef-crafted, hand-prepared meals and snacks are always fresh and always available. The fridge includes the latest in artificial intelligence, recognizes you when you approach, can answer any questions or guide you to find what you want faster, and loves to reward healthy habits.

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Why a Simply Smart Fridge™?

We are using the most advanced technology to propel our mission in expanding healthy food options lightyears ahead. The Simply Smart Fridge makes eating healthy and incredibly delicious food faster and more convenient than ever before. One subscription allows us to reach an individual, while the fridge allows us to reach an entire community.

How does a Simply Smart Fridge™ work?

Our checkout-free experience is made possible by the latest technology supplied by our manufacturing partners. You just walk up and treat our Simply Smart Fridge like a typical fridge and it will automatically detect who you are and what products are taken from or returned to the shelves while keeping track of them in a virtual cart. When you grab the meals you want, just close the door and walk away. After setting up a quick profile in our app you’re ready to grab the meals you want, and go!

After you finish your meals, you can return the empty jars right back at the fridge and for each jar returned you will eliminate waste and donate a fresh meal to end local hunger.

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Why Would You Want A Simply Smart Fridge™?

Our Simply Smart Fridges foster a thriving community by providing easy healthy food options that people love. The community saves time and hassle which allows it to be more productive and happier. Our food is guaranteed to always be fresh & available 24/7. 

We operate in a stand-alone model so there is absolutely no cost associated with the installation of our Simply Smart Fridge as we also take care of all the inventory management and maintenance.

Easy Access to Healthy Tasty Meals

Always Fresh

Always Accessible

Instant Checkout Process

Beyond Zero Waste

Helps End Local Hunger

Did we mention there’s no cost to you?!

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