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At the risk of stating the obvious here: we love jars. 

We also love cutting down on waste, which is why we wanted to chat with Tippi Thole. In just a few months time, Thole--a graphic designer living and working near Montreal--reduced her household waste container from a standard ten gallon can to a mason jar. Seriously. A mason jar. Now, through her blog and Instagram, Thole is helping others work toward tinier trash cans of their own. She gave us a few tips to get started.

Talking Trash with Tippi Thole
tippi thole

You can shrink the can: “Reconfigure your household waste sorting so your largest bins are recycling and compost (rather than trash). When I started my zero waste challenge, I replaced my 10-gallon trash bin with the bathroom wastebasket. When you have a tiny trash can, you become much more aware of what you’re throwing away.”


Try making the staples yourself: “Discovering I could make butter in 10 minutes with just cream and a mixer was shocking. I now buy cream at a conventional grocery store in a glass container and make butter myself, which enables me to avoid butter wrappers and packaging. Plus, it's fun!”


Keep farmer’s market fruit all year round: “I especially love getting local berries at the farmer's market, since it's nearly impossible to buy berries without a plastic container at a conventional grocery store. This summer, my son and I went blueberry picking at a nearby farm and froze a bunch of blueberries so we'd have them for smoothies year-round.”


Check out the full list of tips here.*


*Tippi Thole spoke with Simply Good Jars for editorial purposes only, and is not affiliated with the brand in any commercial capacity.