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INTRODUCING Zero-Contact Home Delivery!

Fresh, individually packaged USDA certified salads that are produced at the highest level of global food safety standards, delivered directly to you.

The program will initially only be available for Greater- Philadelphia Area zip-codes (including main-line)

Choose from:

Regular Assortment: (2) Smoked Salmon (2) California Cobb (2) Heavenly Pesto (2) Simply Greek 

Vegetarian Assortment: (4) Heavenly Pesto (4) Simply Greek

Delivered Wednesdays + Fridays (10 AM - 6 PM)
Zero-contact Cadence:
Receive text when order is on its way and when it has been delivered.(we will not enter buildings or doorways)

*Due to high demand, we cannot accommodate any special requests or substitutions.

Ready When You Are

We are making healthier and incredibly delicious food options faster by placing our Simply Smart Fridges™ right where you work, play, workout, travel, and live life. The Simply Smart Fridge™ is a new kind of convenience with no checkout required.

Get in touch with our team to learn how you can bring Simply Good Jars’ delicious & nutritious meal solutions to your employees, customers, members or tenants.


Ready Where You Are


We source the finest, in-season, local ingredients to craft and curate our delicious Jars that continually rotate weekly. Our team will then deliver the meals straight to our Simply Smart Fridges™.

Our delivery team also retrieves all returned empty jars + every jar we get back helps us in our effort to end local hunger and keep plastic out of landfills.

If you'd like to learn more or are interested in having Simply Smart Fridge™ added to your space, request info below!

Ready to Make a Difference

Over 90% of plastic is not being recycled and 40% of all food is wasted in the U.S.

The core of our company’s mission is social and environmental responsibility. Our Simply Smart Fridges™ have live inventory management which allows us to optimize offerings at each location to minimize or eliminate spoilage.

Also, we encourage all of our customers to return their jars once they are finished. We clean and reuse the jar, so that nothing hits the landfill. Through our partnerships with local food hunger organizations, we donate a meal to someone in need every time a jar is returned to us. We make it easy for you to give back to your community.


Meals Donated


Pounds of Trash Reduced


Percentage of Jars Returned

Ready to Inspire


Jared Cannon developed his concept for Simply Good Jars after taking a huge risk and leaving a 17-year career in the traditional culinary industry. He worked for celebrated restaurants and grew fast-casual eateries; all the while realizing how much food is wasted and how there still is an incredible need for faster, healthier, food options. Jared founded Simply Good Jars in the fall of 2017 with the intent to help improve lives and communities through responsible, respectful food choices for everyone. He knows by staying true to the company mission we will lead the charge by creating new healthy food options, ending food waste, and making a meaningful impact in our communities.