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Eating Well, Simplified

Chef-made, ready-to-eat meals that are good for you and the planet.

Our SMARTJAR™ Technology

Keeps food fresher, longer, naturally.

No additives or preservatives. Simply great ingredients that last longer, made possible by our patent-pending process and technology so you can enjoy amazing fresh-food in more places!

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A Chef Thought

About This

These aren't your typical to-go meals.

Our founder + chef put immense thought into each recipe, sourcing high-quality, whole-food ingredients, and invented a patent-pending packaging technique to preserve freshness + flavor.


Doing Good is Simple.

We do not believe plastic should become waste. Our signature durable jar is designed with goodness from the start. 

After enjoying your meal, scan the QR code on the jar + pledge to repurpose, reuse, or recycle your jar. In doing so, you’ll help us keep our jars out of landfills.

For every pledge received, we will donate to a local food organization to help feed someone in need.


Our Lids Are Sealed

Simply Good Jars are hermetically sealed and served in a safe and sustainable way, so you can eat well and worry less.

  • Reusable, low-touch packaging
  • Sealed three times to ensure freshness and your protection
  • Food safety assurance
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Meals donated


Pounds of trash reduced