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Our Story

Convenience with You in Mind


Available Where You Are

At home, at work, or on the go... 

We strive to make our jars

accessible wherever you are.


Give You What You Crave

We source the finest, high-quality  

ingredients to hand-craft your favorite 



Empower You To Do Good

Pledge to reuse, repurpose or

    recycle your jar + we will donate

1-meal equivalent to someone in need


Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve lives and communities by providing responsible, respectful food choices for everyone.


For us, that means using only whole food ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and embracing a sustainable business model that empowers everyday people to create impacts in their own communities.


Together we can all eat well, feel good and waste less.

Our Founder + Chef

“Working full time and studying to earn my MBA at night – eating a meal usually meant something fast, easily available, and often unhealthy."

"My fast-food choices had me feeling guilty, tired, and never satisfied. I realized that this wasn’t a challenge for just me – that there was an incredible need outside of traditional eateries for faster, healthier, food options that are actually delicious…so I took the leap.”

Chef Jared Cannon brought his concept for Simply Good Jars to life by taking a huge risk and leaving an 18-year career working for celebrated restaurants and growing fast-casual eateries. Founded in 2017 in Philly—the birthplace of America, and our hometown. But get ready, Simply Good Jars is coming soon to a town near you.

As Seen on ABC's "Shark Tank".

The Plastic


From the onset most single-use plastic packaging is designed with a single-use in mind.— Our jars are created with a much different approach—they are designed to live on. They are durable, reusable, recyclable, and convenient.

After enjoying your meal, scan the QR code on the jar + pledge to repurpose, reuse, or recycle your jar. In doing so, you’ll help us keep our jars out of landfills.

For every pledge received, we will donate to a local food organization to help feed someone in need.

Our Jars

Our patent-pending SMARTJAR technology preserves fresh-ingredients without the use of preservatives. This allows us, for the 1st time ever, to provide a restaurant-quality experience in our convenient ready-to-eat jars.


Our salads can be fully mixed right inside our jars – simply shake for 12 seconds to create those perfect bites, without any extra effort, spills, or packaging waste.

Jared founded Simply Good Jars in the fall of 2017 with the intent to help improve lives and communities through responsible, respectful food choices for everyone. We are leading the charge with our mission to create new healthy food options, end food insecurity, and make a meaningful impact everywhere Simply Good Jars are made available. 

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